This is a novelization of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story roleplaying game (RPG) for the Super Famicom (SNES) system. The game has been fully translated and released in ROM format by Bishoujo Senshi Translations, and this novelization makes use of that ROM and its script (with updates based on the 2019 improved patch and my own translation of things for clarity). However, this is NOT a script of the game; it’s a novelization that includes the actions of the characters. I also take a little bit of leeway with explanations of the game mechanics, so you can consider it a “fanfiction” of Another Story but where¬†I don’t change any specific events that take place in the story.


I do not own, nor claim to own/make any profit from this story/novelization. Sailor Moon is © Naoko Takeuchi, Toei, Kodansha, and other affiliated companies. Bishoujo Senshi Translations is responsible for the script and patching of the Sailor Moon: Another Story game, and I do not intend any infringement on their incredible translation work. I have, however, made some necessary edits to accommodate the prose-style of the story, as well as grammar fixes.


Keep in mind that I follow the script pretty closely,¬†but I did have to make some changes to accommodate for the prose style and grammar¬†fixes. I’m also sticking to using the original Japanese names, and/or the correct¬†spellings of any other characters that may appear in the game. I also use Japanese¬†honorifics such as -chan, -kun, -sama, and -san, as they are not easily or¬†accurately translated. I also DO NOT mention certain game mechanics which can’t¬†be translated well into prose, things like the Luna-P save points, the Diary¬†to record vital statistics and Link Attacks, etc.


  • Prologue finished 6/30/06
  • Chapter 1 finished 7/1/06
  • Chapter 2: Mercury finished 9/22/07

The Novelization